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I shot this for a project for my photography class, we had to photograph an interior we felt inspired by.  I chose the temporary pop up store for United Colors of Benetton.  It features X-rated art created by sculptor Erik Ravelo.  This brand is well known for it’s controversy with display.  I think that although yes it may be a tad bit provocative they executed the design beautifully and were extremely creative in their display throughout the store, it was a blast to shoot.  The people working in the store were so wonderful too allowing me to take as many photos as I wanted and even ducking out of photos. 

I got the opportunity to photography the Etsy office.  Unfortunately my entire tour was only about 15 minutes so I didn’t get a chance to really set up the lighting how I would have liked.  There were parts I wasn’t allowed to photograph but the entire space was super neat.  I LOVED this office there are rooms that are super cozy and relaxing it’s like having a meeting in a living room, I was impressed. 

Outside the Etsy Office

I live in NYC but my boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip to Philadelphia and had a blast!  It is such a beautiful city.  We spent some time at the Reading Terminal Market and ate some delicious Amish Food.  I would compare it to Pikes Place Market in Seattle, it’s a VERY fun atmosphere!  Can’t wait to go back.  This is my very FIRST time with a professional camera. 

For this project we were asked to set our cameras to:

P (Program) Mode

ISO 100-400

AWB Auto White Balance

Fashion Institute of Technology-Interiors Photography

I shot this in Chelsea Market since it is one of my case studies for thesis.  I love the Chelsea Market, so many fun little restaurants and shops.  There’s always a new sample sale or something going on.  The Home Good sales at the Anthropologie there are to die for as well!  I’ve also included a few photos of the Highline which I also love!

Chelsea Market Photography Assignment

Interior Design

Interiors Photography Class

Fashion Institute of Technology

This is the proposal for a Market on the Highline!

Interiors Photography Assignment

We had to set our camera to “S” or TV

No Flash at all

No Editing!

I am an interior design student from NYC dabbling in photography